The legacy of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Explosives / Chemical Warfare contamination, originating from munitions manufacture, testing and storage or as a result of conflict constitute not only a safety risk but can also delay project programmes or even render land unusable.

By accurately determining and / or mitigating this risk, development can continue safely and without the possibility of costly delays. It may even potentially open up land to development that would have previously been overlooked.

While ERW or UXO lays buried and undisturbed the risk is relatively benign; however if intrusive works are undertaken the risk of encountering UXO / ERW, and therefore the threat from UXO / ERW posed becomes apparent.

Land significantly associated with a UXO, ERW or Explosives risk include:

  • Land formerly used by the Ministry of Defence for munitions storage, testing or training, 
  • Land associated with the manufacture of munitions and explosives,
  • Former battle areas and areas associated with war / conflict.

RPS Explosives Engineering Services (EES) has the relevant competency, personnel and track record to address all contaminated environments. Furthermore as the EES are part of the RPS Group we have the ability to call upon various disciplines to provide a complete site solution. Such services include contaminated land investigations, radiological investigations and asbestos surveys. 

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