Operational Support Group (under construction)

This component of RPS Energy brings together a unique blend of specialist services to support our clients in the ever demanding operational environments in which we work. These services cover a wide variety of operational support needs that will allow you, our clients to concentrate on their core business whilst we ensure the ability for the project to achieve its aims in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

We are able to offer our clients a range of services, all of which are delivered to the highest of standards and are tailored to ensure they conform to any requirements defined by the host nation:

  • Accredited Driver Training and Transport Management.
  • Mountain and Difficult Terrain Consultants.
  • Health and Safety Specialists.                        

RPS Driver Training, Oil and Gas Organisation, Islamabad, Pakistan 2014

RPS Operational Support Group (OSG) was awarded a contract by a large Oil & Gas Organisation in 2014 for the provision of Driver Training to support their programs globally.  The aim of the training was to ultimately train students to become internal driving instructors and was delivered as a progressive course following OGP guidelines.  The training took place in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Operating in countries where there is a lack of road safety standards and limited driver education can have a dramatic effect on operations. This can range from minor accidents through to fatalities. Our specialist instructors understood the culture and behaviour of local drivers and could provide professional 'On Site' training. They assessed then, educated the students and provided them with valuable feedback. Our specialist instructors trained foreign workers to operate safer in conditions they are not accustomed to.

This type of training will instil in a student and organisations a culture and help change the behaviour of drivers. It will reduce lost time, incidents and the additional cost of maintenance and repair. By adopting a progressive learning process from basic assessment and instruction through to advanced training the students will understand how to operate in both urban and rural environments, be able to cope with all types of terrain and should the situation require the transport management emergency planning and incident control modules will ensure a safe outcome.

The course successfully implemented with a 100% student pass rate. RPS is now rolling out this programme to other locations in support of clients who are keen to ensure that the highest standards on HSE and training are implemented.

RPS OSG has also successfully carried out the following driver training projects in 2015:

  • Provision of driver assessor and train the trainer courses in Saudi Arabia, Aug to Sept 2015.
  • Provision of driver assessor and train the trainer courses in Kuwait, Nov to Dec 2015.

RPS Mountain and Difficult Terrain Consultants, 3D Seismic Operations, Kurdistan, 2014

RPS Operational Support Group (OSG) was invited by a Geophysical Survey Contractor to undertake the provision of mountaineering support services for their seismic field activities in the mountainous terrain of Kurdistan, Iraq.  The client was planning a number of projects in the region covering the area North East of Erbil as well as in the mountain ranges near Sulaymaniyah. 

Seismic Operations in steep mountainous terrain has its own unique problems from loose rock on gentle gradients to high vertical drops, injuries can often occur and can be severe. Understanding these conditions and prevention is therefore critical to a safe project:

  • Loose rock; slips, trips, falls and falling rock or stones.
  • Weather; from extreme cold due to the height or extreme hot whilst working in the desert.  Both can cause major issues without good support.
  • Access; Road access can be limited so will either be by foot or helicopter.
  • Safety; having the knowledge and skills to cover the ‘what ifs'.
  • Logistics; deploying the ‘right kit at the right time.
  • Even minor injuries can be time consuming and costly and will cause delays in operations.

Our highly skilled and experienced Mountaineers are selected for their ability, knowledge, attitude, strong leadership and communication skills and come from a variety of backgrounds, including military the sports climbers and rescue teams. RPS personnel have a sound understanding of seismic operations and the ability to provide input at senior management level on risk rating of routes which will help clients complete their projects effectively and safely.

The Mountaineers also provide assistance to seismic crews with the positioning of the seismic equipment onto the steep slopes and ensuring that a rope system is in place to assist the line crews whilst they are performing their duties.

RPS is committed to provide quality solutions and cost effectiveness to our client’s seismic campaigns with the crews sustaining no injuries as a result of terrain related incidents. We are very proud that 2015 proved to be another safe year.

RPS OSG has also successfully carried out the following and ongoing projects:

  • Provision of Mountaineering Support Services to various seismic operations, Kurdistan, Iraq, Mar to Aug 15.
  • Provision of Mountaineering and HSE Support to a large seismic survey, Qara Hanjeer, Kurdistan, Sept 15 - Ongoing.  




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