One of the core, and baseline, risk management components considered essential as part of any works programme at risk from Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) / Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is the provision of Safety & Awareness Training.

Where a risk of ERW / UXO has been assessed it is usual, and prudent, for all site personnel to receive basic training with respect to the identified risks.

RPS EES offers these services to clients as a part of the overall ERW risk management process to ensure that the delivery of such training is wholly applicable to the works scheme, and is implemented in a fashion that is in-line with the programme, endeavouring to minimise any delays that may occur of a result of both the implementation of training, and in the event of a suspected ERW / UXO discovery. Our primary goal is to ensure Zero harm to project personnel and materials.

RPS EES has implemented many safety & awareness packages at different locations for our clients, and in many occasions has taken the concept to a further level, providing both ‘Site Safety Guidelines’ and identification and reporting documentation which can be used throughout the whole life cycle of the project as both a pro-active aid in early stages of the project and safety-net for managing any residual risk later on.

RPS EES will tailor any safety & awareness package to the specific ERW hazards that may be encountered in the region of works, and where possible to those likely to be encountered during the specific works being undertaken.

Initial training and / or risk workshops can either be undertaken at client offices, RPS’ global offices or at field offices at the project site, dependant on the client’s requirements and timetable.

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