An Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) / Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Desk Study is used to quantify the UXO / ERW risk to a project with due consideration to geographic location (zoned) and the different stages of the operational programme (phased).

Desk Study services can include an initiation meeting with the client to discuss the project and review the specific desires of the client.

An UXO / ERW Contamination Desk Study considers a wide range of sources and provides an in depth detailed analysis of the site and the potential for UXO / ERW contaminants.

RPS also offers an Initial UXO / ERW Site Screening service which delivers a preliminary evaluation of the risk in the area of works.

The production of the UXO / ERW study is divided into the following phases: 

  • Phase 1 – Site assessment and identification of threat Items.

  • Phase 2 – Risk Analysis for Work Area.

The main output from the desk study would comprise a report in hard and soft copy which can include the following: 

  • Recommendations for Future Works.

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies.

  • Risk Zone Maps (GIS Based).

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