RPS Explosives Engineering Services are able to offer our client’s specialist training, from Management Risk Awareness through to level 4 IMAS Operations to all level of ERW personnel.

Where projects are deemed to be at a lower risk from a certain contaminate, it may be recommended that personnel attend Safety and Awareness training tailored specifically towards the specific contaminates that may be encountered on site. Further to this, such training may need to be implemented in a bespoke fashion to relate to the specific works being undertaken on site.

In addition, on sites where there is either a lower or elevated risk, either which may require safety and awareness, or other specialist training, RPS EES are able to prepare training packages which can be easily distributed and implemented at convenient periods throughout a project lifecycle, dependant on the client’s requirements.

Specific specialised training packages which RPS has delivered to previous clients include:

  • Explosives Site Safety & Awareness Briefings / Guidelines.

  • Explosives Safe Guarding.

  • Pre Offshore deployment Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Awareness.

  • Mine Risk Education (MRE).

  • Chemical Warfare Material (CWM) Safety & Awareness.

  • Energetic Materials Awareness, including Military, Commercial and Homemade Explosives (HME).

  • Counter Improvised Explosives Disposal (CIED). 

  • Low Threat Search.

  • Bomb Scene Management & Post Blast / Accident Scene Forensics.

RPS EES welcomes the opportunity to discuss other bespoke training opportunities with our clients, particularly those closely linked to our specialist fields of work.

Contact RPS Explosives Engineering Services: +44 (0) 1291 621 821

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