RPS Explosives Engineering Services has extensive experience of designing and undertaking investigation and characterisation of sites contaminated with explosives. The team supports clients by addressing both liabilities and health and safety requirements associated with the detection, characterisation and remediation of sites with explosive or chemical weapons legacies.

Energetic material contamination of the geotechnical matrix and groundwater in aquifers can and has been encountered in the following locations:

  • Former Explosives Production Facilities. 

  • Areas of Former Military Conflict.

  • Current / Former Demilitarisation / Facilities.

  • Chemical Production Plants. Military Ranges and Training Areas.

  • Buried Caches.

  • Land Subjected to Explosive Methods of Seismic Surveys.

  • Farmland Dressed with Production/Process Waters from Explosives Production.

  • Landmine and Battle Area Bulk Demolition Operations.

  • Mining and Quarrying Activities.

  • Demilitarisation of 'out of date' Explosives and Munitions.

  • Car and Component Production Facilities (Air Bags).

Utilising its diverse experience, the team has been involved in preparing and developing a best practice guidance document and methodology, approved by the Health and Safety Executive and the Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG).

Through detailed assessment and risk analysis this document offers a real time cost effective alternative to open burning of former explosive facilities, which can cause significant environmental impacts. Our services include the following:

  • Project Design & Management.

  • Safety Distances & Risk Zone Mapping.

  • Blast Mitigation Design.

  • Desk Top Studies.

  • Review of Third Party Reporting.

  • Quantitative Risk Assessments.

  • Design of Safety Management Systems.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • Safety Case Writing.

Contact RPS Explosives Engineering Services: +44 (0) 1291 621 821

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