Non- Intrusive UXO Surveys

Passive and active sensors are used to detect buried metallic ordnance, RPS can provide both Magnetometry & Electromagnetic survey techniques. Survey data is processed using software specifically designed for UXO detection. Once the data interpretation is complete a false colour magnetic profile map and target (anomaly modelling as UXO) list is produced. The targets can then be investigated by qualified Explosives Engineers to remove the UXO risk. Alternatively if investigation is not a practical option targets can be located and avoided.

Intrusive UXO Detection Surveys

Using probing techniques to give clearance ahead of piled foundations & boreholes. This technique allows survey at depths unobtainable by non-intrusive techniques and in conditions outside of the detection capabilities of a non-intrusive survey, such as in areas of made ground. Anomalies identified during the survey, believed to be ordnance related, can be avoided or investigated dependent upon the site conditions and the clients requirements.

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