In partnership with RPS Netherlands (2017)

RPS Explosives Engineering Services have formed a partnership with their Dutch RPS colleagues to secure UXO projects in the Netherlands, having attained WSCS-OCE accreditation to operate across all UXO disciplines within the Netherlands. This certification was awarded following a very successful multi-stage QA/QC audit in which RPS EES demonstrated, to TUV Nord (national accreditation body), its ability to exceed the audit pass standards. This was followed by a Phase 2 audit of two key projects carried out during an interim accreditation.


The new team will be supporting existing projects being carried out by the Dutch conditioning, dredging and railway development teams as well as the water services department with a view that additional external clients will be developed once the team has further established its market position in country.


Taking to the Skies (2017)

Since 2016 RPS Explosives Engineering Services has been working with specialists to develop a number of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or ‘Drones’, to expand our support capabilities. UAS have been under development for both UXO/ERW survey/detection as well as other applications such as surveillance and reconnaissance. These systems provide complimentary abilities to the fleet of other UAS which been developed by other business streams within the wider RPS Group.

Of particular note is the UXO/ERW UAS has been designed to withstand working in hostile environments and includes features such as autonomous flight, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning and the ability to collect magnetic data that can subsequently be analysed, interpreted and produced into presentable false colour mapping by our in-house Geophysicists and GIS specialists.


For further information about EES UAS (Drone) capabilities please contact us.


RPS Explosives Engineering Services undertakes NABUCCO Field Verification Survey (April 2013)

Following the production and delivery of the UXO Desk Based Assessment, also undertaken by RPS EES, in late 2011 / early 2012, RPS EES was appointed to undertake a Field Verification Survey along the assessed moderate risk areas of the proposed NABUCCO pipeline route.

The Field Verification Survey was undertaken based on recommendation from RPS EES, with a view to potentially refine the areas of moderate risk, currently assessed from a 'Desk Based' only perspective, by supplementing the known information with both physical and local authority evidence from in country.


RPS Explosives Engineering Services appointed as an Environment Agency Framework Partner (January 2012)

RPS EES have been appointed as one of only two UXO consultants on the Environment Agency (EA) Framework. This four year agreement will see RPS EES working closely with EA project teams across the entire of UK to assist in Risk Assessment and Risk Management of any potential UXO Risk. 



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