RPS EES is fully aware that sometimes project lifecycles can accelerate unexpectedly, and it is not un-common for client’s to be in a situation where a risk from UXO / ERW is identified in the early stages of a programme. As such, if immediate advice and action is not implemented, significant delays and associated cost-impacts can occur.

To aid our clients, RPS EES is able to offer a ‘Safeguarding’ service, where an ERW / UXO Consultant is rapidly deployed into the field in support of personnel needing to travel into Suspected Hazard Areas (SHA), where there is a potential risk from ERW / UXO.

Safeguarding is also implemented as part of wider ERW / UXO programmes for areas where a lesser, or only suspected, risk is present to ensure that if a potential item is discovered then the incident is handled in a pro-active manner and the client can be assured that their personnel are safe working in such areas.

Typical operations where RPS EES have employed safeguarding personnel are as follows:

  • Geological & Topographical Field Scout

  • Project Management & Personnel Site Visits

  • Pre-Seismic Scouting General Site / Area Walkover  

  • Pre-Construction Design Visits

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