Globally it has been estimated that there are thousands of locations contaminated by energetic materials. Obvious sources of contamination are existing and former explosives production, processing and storage facilities. 

Identification of the extent of contamination can be a complicated process as energetic materials behave differently than most other organic contaminants and can pose an immediate safety hazard when present in large quantities or within areas contaminated with residue, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and landmines.

On completion of the task all works shall be subject to validation and approval from governmental departments and environmental agencies may be required.

The following range of 'Special Projects' services are available through RPS EES:


Explosives Characterisation & Remediation Consultancy

Chemical Warfare Agents / Toxic Industrial Chemicals
EOD Capacity Development & Specialist Training 
Each task undertaken is bespoke but generally consists of the following four phases:
Phase 1 :
Preliminary Environmental Assessment
Phase 2 :
Site Investigation
Phase 3 :
Remediation Design
Phase 4 :
Remediation Implementation

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