Special Projects Case Studies

Hydrogen Cyanide Disposal Project - South Dublin County Council, Ireland

RPS provided expert advice to South Dublin County Council on the safe disposal of 'out of date' cylinders of hydrogen cyanide, which had been in storage for several decades.

There were public concerns regarding the safe handling of the waste cyanide, which is a toxic poison, as the cylinders were present on an industrial site located in a densely populated area. RPS advised the client on the most environmentally safe disposal methods available and managed the entire process of chemical neutralisation in lieu of the intended destruction by army explosives in a remote area.

Chemical neutralisation was selected as the most appropriate disposal solution. Following detailed planning and assessment of the contents, the cylinders were then transported under heavy police escort at night to a designated site and chemically neutralised. The resulting inert liquid residues and cylinders were then transported to Rotterdam for hazardous waste incineration.

As part of the project, RPS provided a fully integrated service undertaking logistical design, management of the operation and providing 'public information centres' at the neutralisation locations. We also undertook air, soil and surface water monitoring prior to, during and post completion of the neutralisation process to the satisfaction of the Environmental Protection Agency.


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