RPS provides support to works in the form of UXO Consultants who would offer support and guidance throughout the various stages of a project. An RPS UXO Consultant would be present during any works taking place where an elevated level of risk has been identified and would work aboard the client’s vessel during all intrusive activities, such as dredging and pipe lay / trenching.

The RPS UXO Consultant would provide a UXO Safety and Awareness briefing to all workers and supervise the works with regards to any potential UXO risk, this would involve the following:

  • To advise Contractor during survey and diving operations.

  • Monitoring works in order to identify potential UXO items if they are uncovered as works progress. This would include, where feasible monitoring ROV video and / or diver video screen to identify any potential UXO.

  • Inspecting the ROV when it is brought back on board the vessel to ensure no ordnance or chemical agents are brought back on board.

  • Where it is not practical or safe to observe the intrusive works, the UXO Consultant will be on-call and immediately available to respond to a request for assistance or respond to suspected ordnance that has been discovered by other site staff.

  • Identify an area to which safe-to-move ordnance may be stored prior to recovery by the appropriate authorities.


RPS can offer support to clients carrying out Anomaly Investigation to identify potential UXO in the offshore environment.

Once a target location has been obtained from the processed survey data, a dive and or ROV team will then prosecute targets to determine whether they are UXO.

A RPS EOD Superintendent will manage the sequence of investigation of targets to ensure they are prosecuted in the most effective and efficient way and will provide the dive team with the required information for each dive.

They will also provide over-watch during the dive operations in order to provide identification of the target as being Non-UXO or UXO via video link.

Finally they will report on each target and provide clearance certificate for the relevant areas.


RPS provides specialist ROV services for clients undertaking work in marine environments providing UXO mitigation. 

The ROV typically employed by RPS is the VideoRay Pro 4, a computer operated system utilising features such as Vehicle Autonomous Control, Imaging Sonar and Positioning Software and Hardware. There are further features which allow for easy control for the pilot and practicality whilst operational. The ROV is practical, adaptable and is used to provide effective mitigation.

From experience RPS understand that the planning and procedures associated with ROV operations require a specialist and technical approach. Due to the nature of these projects meticulous planning and technical design has to be implemented in order to devise appropriate strategies.

Our team is able to use their experience with these operations to devise appropriate, efficient and cost effective methodologies and procedures whilst also providing advice on a course of action once ROV works are complete.

Contact RPS Explosives Engineering Services: +44 (0) 1291 621 821

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